JQ Werks Madtrace® Racing Steering Wheel System For BMW E8X/E9X Chassis


Transmission: Automatic


Market: North America Version

North America Version
North America Version
Rest of The World Version

Steering Wheel Option: Hub System Only (No Steering Wheel Included)

Hub System Only (No Steering Wheel Included)
Hub System Only (No Steering Wheel Included)
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Mod.78 Black Suede 320mm
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Mod.88 Black Suede 320mm
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Leather 350mm
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Black Stitching Alcantara 350mm
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Red Stitching Alcantara 350mm
SPARCO L360 Racing Steering Wheel Black Suede 330mm
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Product Overview:

Introducing the pinnacle of racing innovation – the JQ Werks Madtrace® Racing Steering Wheel System for BMW E Chassis. Our primary goal was to revolutionize convenience, and we've achieved this by introducing an unparalleled wireless racing experience. Say goodbye to the complexities of electronics and cables. Each component is crafted from CNC-machined Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum, ensuring unmatched durability in the most challenging racing conditions. 

As an engineering company, our fundamental concept is to create an authentic plug-and-play steering wheel that operates free from any fault codes. In contrast to other racing steering wheel systems overly reliant on the factory control module, our approach involves decoding the factory's original microcontroller system to facilitate communication and the passage of signals through the vehicle's DME. This eliminates the need for intricate setup processes. At the core of our product lies our internally developed integrated circuit board. This innovation guarantees flawless compatibility with all factory multifunctions and paves the way for boundless future expandability.   Additionally, we present LED-backlit front buttons that can be adjusted in brightness based on factory controls and sensors.

In our fully detachable racing steering wheel system, we have integrated the adapter hub into the quick-release mechanism. The adapter hub and quick-release mechanism are crafted from aircraft-grade 7075-T aluminum, guaranteeing protection and durability. To elevate your driving experience, the DCT version comes equipped with our magnetic paddle shifters module. Additionally, both carbon fiber paddles and aluminum paddles are now included in the kit as standard components.

In addition to retaining all the factory multifunctions on the OEM steering wheel, we have incorporated two customizable Free to Use buttons. These buttons can be programmed according to your desired configuration. We supply terminal wires that can be easily connected to factory socket pins, routed through the connectors, and made ready for a seamless connection.


Please be aware that the JQ Werks Madtrace Racing Steering Wheel System is ONLY DESIGNED FOR OFF-ROAD, TRACK USE, RACING, AND COMPETITION PURPOSES, NOT FOR ANY TYPE OF STREET USE. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the JQ Werks Madtrace Racing Steering Wheel System complies with local government laws and regulations regarding required vehicle safety equipment. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited to install this system on any motor vehicle subject to state safety inspection. 

It is of utmost importance to understand that our Racing Steering Wheel is solid, which could result in bodily injury in the event of a car accident. For this reason, removing the factory airbag poses a significant safety risk and should never be attempted while utilizing factory 3-point seat belts. Instead, we strongly require our customers to use 6-point racing harnesses with racing roll-bar for off-road use to ensure their safety.

Please note that these considerations may vary depending on the country or region you operate in. It's always best to consult with legal professionals who are familiar with the laws and regulations in your specific area and industry to ensure you are fully compliant with all relevant legal requirements.

Included in Kit

Each Racing Steering System Hub Kit Consists Of:

- 1x Main Control Hub

- 1x Quick Release Base

- 1x Adapter Hub

- 1x Adapter Hub Locking Wrench

- 1x Button Stickers

- 1x Allen Key

- 1x JQ Werks / Madtrace Stickers

- 1x Hardware Kit

Vehicle Fitment

Applicable Models:

BMW E Chassis

With M Buttons

- 1M | E82

- M3 | E90/E92/E93

Without M Buttons (M Buttons will not be functional)

- Non-M  1 Series | E81/E82/E87/E88

- Non-M  3 Series | E90/E91/E92/E93

Refining The Standard of The Racing Steering Wheel.

Seamless plug-and-play installation without any error codes

Crafted from CNC-machined, hard-anodized billet aluminum.

Nighttime Illumination

We present LED-backlit front buttons that can be adjusted in brightness based on factory controls and sensors

Self-Developed Integrated Circuit Board

It ensures compatibility with factory functions, enhances stability, and provides potential for future expandability

LED backlight with adjustable brightness based on factory control and sensors.

Integrated Hub Connector

Bid farewell to the intricacies of electronics and cables.

Fully detachable with the steering wheel

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

Elevate your shifting experience

Include both carbon fiber and aluminum paddles as standard

Manual Transmission Version

In addition to the automatic transmission version, we are now offering manual transmission version.

7075-T6 Air Craft Grade Billet Aluminum Quick Release

CNC-machined quick release guarantees optimal protection and long-lasting durability.

Free-To-Use Buttons

2X FTU buttons for your customized needs

Pair it with our plug-and-play module for engine, suspension, steering, ESP, and DCT adjustments (Coming soon)