JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Shifters For PORSCHE


Chassis Model: Porsche 991.2/718/Other Chassis(Check Fitment List Below)

Porsche 991.2/718/Other Chassis(Check Fitment List Below)
Porsche 991.2/718/Other Chassis(Check Fitment List Below)
Porsche 992/Other Chassis(Check Fitment List Below)
Porsche 971.1/Other Chassis(Check Fitment List Below)

Material: Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
Anodized Black GT3 RS Style Aluminum
Anodized Gunmetal GT3 RS Style Aluminum

Symbol Color: Do Not Add Yellow + and - Symbol

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Product Overview:

Introducing the brand-new JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter System, expertly crafted from CNC-machined 6061-T Grade Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum, Neodymium Magnet, and high-strength 4mm thick Carbon Fiber plates. With our engineering design, these Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifters will elevate your driving experience, delivering a significantly aggressive feel.

Designed specifically for the Porsche Sport Design Steering Wheel, this system ensures impeccable fitment and hassle-free plug & play installations. The shifters are optimized for track performance, guaranteeing seamless gear selection at any steering angle. Due to their natural characteristics, the shifters provide a robust and speedy snap back into positions.

Moreover, the system emits a satisfying "click" noise with every shift, enhancing the joy of your ride. Get ready to elevate your driving experience with the JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter System, engineered for performance and driving pleasure.


The JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Shifter for Porsche allows the user to adjust the angle and distance between the paddle shifter, steering wheels, and steering column. Assembly instructions are on the back of the box. 


- The default setting MAY NOT BE SUITABLE for every user

- The screws HAVE NOT YET been tightened.

- Before the paddle shifter being installed, the user HAVE TO adjust the setting mentioned in ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS.


Each product will come with a limited lifetime manufacture warranty against defects on the mechanisms ONLY, not chipboard or blemishes, cosmetics, or normal wear and tear for paddle shifters.


Included in Kit

Each Paddle Shifter Kit Consists Of:

- 2x Complete Magnetic Paddle Shifter Units.

- 2x Formula-Style 1X1 Wave Carbon Fiber Paddles

- New Hardware For Steering Wheel Application

- 2x Allen Keys

Vehicle Fitment

Applicable Models:

Porsche 911.2 Chassis (991.1 GT3 RS Included)

- GT3 RS | 991.1

- GT3 / GT3 RS / GT2 RS | 991.2

- Carrera / Carrera S / Targa / Targa S | 991.2

- Carrera T / Carrera GTS | 991.2

- 718 GT4 / 718 GT4 RS | 982

- 718 Cayman / Cayman S / 718 Boxster / Boxster S | 982

- 718 Cayman GTS / Cayman GTS 4.0 / 718 Boxster GTS / Boxster GTS 4.0 | 982

- 718 Spyder | 982

- Cayenne / Cayenne S / Cayenne GTS | 958.2

- Cayenne Turbo / Cayenne Turbo S | 958.2

- Macan / Macan S / Macan GTS / Macan Turbo | 95B.1 (2014-2021)


Porsche 992 Chassis 

- GT3 / GT3 Touring | 992

- Carrera / Carrera T/ Carrera S / Targa / Targa S/ GTS | 992

- Turbo / Turbo S | 992

- Panamera | 971.2 (2021-Pr)

- Macan / Macan S / Macan GTS / Macan Turbo | 95B.2 (2021-Pr)


Porsche 971.1 Chassis 

- Panamera | 971.1 (2017-2020)

- Cayenne | PO536 (2017-Pr)

Direct Plug and Play Installation

Do-it-yourself installation, completely plug and play. Simply unbolt and remove the factory component, and plug ours in.

CNC Machined Aluminum Housing

6061-T hard anodized billet aluminum housing with neodymium magnet

Fully Adjustable

Customize the shifting angles and distances between the steering wheel

992 Chassis Only

Personal Preference

2x Formula-Style Carbon Fiber Paddles

2x GT-Style Carbon Fiber Paddles

High Tensile Grade 12.9 Bolts

All new hardware included with hex key

GT3RS Weissach Package Style Aluminum Paddle Upgrade

Optional CNC machined billet aluminum paddle